European Commission report on digital education in European schools

At a time when digital competence has become fundamental for the educational community, we encourage you to read this report in which Eurydice analyses how this competence is working in the European educational field, focusing on such interesting aspects as the most relevant digital competences for pupils and teachers, the pedagogical use of technologies in European classrooms or the general overview of educational curriculum and learning outcomes in relation to that competence.

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Results of the FAPAR survey to the families in relation to the closure of educational centers by COVID-19.

The Federation of Associations of Fathers and Mothers of Students of Aragon (FAPAR) has published the main conclusions of the survey carried out between 13 and 30 April, in relation to the closure of the educational centers by the COVID-19. The data are extracted from a total of 12,385 surveys collected, representing an average of 70% of schools in Aragon.

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Report about the attention given to students of Aragonese educational centres during the first days of Spanish lockdown.

Between 23 and 25 March, the Educational Centers Headmasters made a survey, designed by Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Aragonese Government, gathering all those aspects related to the educational organization of the students during the state of alarm. All this information is included in this report, analyzing such important issues as the communication routes and platforms used, monitoring or evaluation of students, among others.

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