What is CEFyCA?

Assessment, Training and Quality Center, CEFyCA borns like a specific teachers center.

The CEFyCA depends directly on the General Technical Secretariat of the Department of Education, its scope of action is the non-university education system managed by the Government of Aragon through the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

Among its main competences are:

  • To develop plans and programs to analys and evaluate the non-university education system of Aragon.
  • To train teachers in those aspects that require such plans and programs for implementation in schools.

CEFyCA´s actions contributed to improve the quality and equity of education, guid education policies, increase transparency and effectiveness of the education system, as well to provide information on the degree of compliance and achievement of the established educational objectives by the educational administrations.


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Latest News

Latest news from CEFyCA, as well as all the publications that the center carries out.

CEFyCA Reports

Publications made by the CEFyCA throughout the different school courses.

Evaluations Units in Spain

Links to the different evaluation units of the Region in Spain.